04. July 2019// Conference , GERRI

GERRI represented at EMC 2019

GERRI was presented at EMC 2019, the 10th European Metallurgical Conference, which was taking place from 23 June to 26 June 2019 in Düsseldorf.

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28. May 2019// Conference // Press&Media

Press Release - Imports, circular economy, mines: Where the metals come from for future technologies?

The demand for raw materials is increasing worldwide. The entry into electromobility and the expansion of wind farms, solar plants, storage facilities and intelligent grids to implement the energy revolution are currently making large quantities of metals necessary in Germany as well. Are the worldwide resources sufficient to cover the diverse requirements? On 14 May, the acatech participants discussed this issue on Tuesday, which this time took place in Leipzig - and for the first time outside Bavaria.

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14. May 2019// Conference

Imports, circular economy, mines: Where the metals come from for future technologies?

Panel discussion: Where do the metals for future Technologies come from?


acatech - German Academy of Science and Engineering would like to promote the discussion about new technologies. In the series "acatech on Tuesday" acatech invites everyone who wants to inform themselves about new technologies and discuss their social effects.
For the first time, this event format will take place in Leipzig. Here we - in cooperation with the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig and the German Resource Research Institute (GERRI) - would like to talk to you about the topic "Where do metals for future technologies come from? We hereby invite you to acatech on Tuesday: "Imports, recycling, mines in our country: Where do metals for future technologies come from?" on 14 May 2019, from 18:00 to 19:30, followed by a reception.

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07. March 2019// Conference // Policy & Research

Press Release - Roundtable on circular economy

GERRI network demands to strengthen metallurgic capacities in Europe


On February 26th, 2019 in Brussels, the German Resource Research Institute GERRI invited high-level representatives from politics, research and industry for a debate on Europe’s path towards a circular economy. During the roundtable organized by the network of resource research organizations in Germany, the experts looked at challenges but also discussed different solutions to establish a closed-loop life cycle for products in Europe.

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26. February 2019// Conference // Events

GERRI - Roundtable discussion

Roundtable discussion: Can Europe afford to lose its metals?
Towards an effective Circular Economy for raw materials.

Is the European recycling infrastructure sufficient for providing metals and other raw materials in support
of the business models of a Circular Economy (CE)? How can we secure the raw materials supply
for production in Europe and enhance resource efficiency when dealing with scarce resources? Due to
the pivotal role of metals a primary focus has to be laid on this sector.



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