GERRI partners develop innovative tools and approaches geared to explore for new ore deposits and to define their extent. Our strength in exploration lies in the ability to use non-invasive exploration techniques and to pool methods out of different scientific disciplines. We develop new technologies for exploration of mineral resources and for monitoring its extraction by combining geophysical methods and remote sensing techniques. GERRI-partners are specialized in the remote sensing quantification of geomorphological, geological and surface characteristics and their analysis. We capture and use multi- scale (down to cm-scale) and multi-source (from hyperspectral cameras and sensors) data to analyse morphology and tectonics, to characterise underlying acting processes and to perform estimations on potential deposits of mineral resources. One of our focal points is the development and use of near-field remote sensing techniques, i.e. applying drone-borne systems (unmanned aerial systems) for specific tasks along the value chain of primary raw materials.


Remote sensing


Remote sensing is used to acquire physical parameters of the earth's crust. This information can be used to estimate the resource potential of an area without making physical contact. Our strength is the combined application of multi-scale and multi-source data for exploration of critical raw material. Scale varies, depending on the question, from space, air, drone to ground and integrates morpho-tectonic analysis of Digital Elevation Models with multi- and hyperspectral data analysis.

  • Multi-scale and multi-source mineral mapping
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)








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