14. May 2019

acatech on tuesday

Panel discussion: Raw materials for Energy System transformation


acatech - German Academy of Science and Engineering would like to promote the discussion about new technologies. In the series "acatech on Tuesday" acatech invites everyone who wants to inform themselves about new technologies and discuss their social effects. For the first time, this event format will take place in Leipzig. Here we - in cooperation with the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig and the German Resource Research Institute (GERRI) - would like to talk to you about the topic "Where do metals for future technologies come from? We hereby invite you to acatech on Tuesday: "Imports, recycling, mines in our country: Where do metals for future technologies come from?" on 14 May 2019, from 18:00 to 19:30, followed by a reception.


List of participants in the Panel:

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Bertau (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)
  • Dr. Alena Bleicher (Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung, UFZ)
  • Dr. Jens Gutzmer (Helmholtz-Institut Freiberg für Ressourcentechnologie, HIF)
  • Christian Hagelüken (Umicore AG & Co. KG)
  • Michael Reckordt (PowerShift e.V.)
  • Helene Köpf (Moderator, German Resource Research Institut, GERRI)

Where: Sächsische Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Leipzig, Karl-Tauchnitz-Str. 1, 04107 Leipzig


the entrance is free


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