What we aim for and our philosophy

GERRI was established as a virtual institute in 2015 with the support of the German government. We are the leading national network of research organisations active in the field of metal resources. Being such a broad partnership we blend competences together for interdisciplinary challenges, like:

  • Resource efficiency
  • Interconnected systems
  • Advanced circular economy
  • Sustainable mine practice
  • Anthropogenic deposits
  • Substitution of critical materials

This links the various interfaces along the value chain of mineral and metal-containing materials, enabling technically sound and sustainable operations. The GERRI platform has been setup to identify and map core competencies amongst its members. GERRI members also intend to share their infrastructures between them. It is our prime task to continuously interact with our stakeholders and to inform policy makers about these complex aspects in order to safeguard a steady supply of resources.

GERRI aims to catalyse the supply of metal-containing and mineral resources towards a technologically advanced and resource efficient circular economy.


Our main goals


GERRI speaks with one voice for all players active in the field of metal resources. By 2020 the virtual institute will:

  • shape, support and develop the international raw materials community
  • be the ambassador for national research know-how for Europe and worldwide
  • support and consult international research partners in joint projects
  • stimulate joint partnerships in international projects
  • organise and participate in resource relevant exhibitions and conferences

Founding partners


The five founding partners bundle the major academic, industry and public players along the entire value chain of mineral and metal-containing raw materials. We will soon start to expand our network to academic, public & industry partners. If you are interested to learn more or if you like to complement the GERRI network feel invited to contact us.


Our offer


GERRI offers expert knowledge and experience in basic and applied research along the entire value chain of mineral and metal-containing raw materials based on a large pool of scientists. Furthermore we offer experience in joint work with industry and academic institutions and a broad variety of infrastructure (measuring instruments, experimental equipment etc.). GERRI members look at resources from various perspectives. We find solutions for more than just ”simple” intradisciplinary problems, but we offer to solve the most complex problems. Our competences cover the very first exploration of a mineral to its processing until the recycling of end-of-life products and waste to bring them back into the circle. In addition we offer underlying competences such as special analytics and modelling tools.

GERRI’s transdisciplinary competences form the basis for developing a new generation of processing and recycling systems in the context of industry 4.0. In this aspect they are vital to develop and apply innovative resource technologies to turn society from a linear to a sustainable and circular economy.